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Meet Our Hatcher Family Cows
Amy Hatcher

Amy is an aspiring actress and model. With the help of Lucy Hatcher (also a model of the human variety), Amy's career has already started .

This cow is not a cow at all but a brown swiss heifer calf, born two days after Christmas to Mocha.

Emma was spotlighted during the Christmas parades in the towns of College Grove and Leipers Fork.
First Calf Heifer #16

First calf means this is her first year of milking.

La La Hatcher

La La's hobbies and talents include: making milk, acting, modeling, and grazing.


Actually Latte is not a cow at all, but a one week old heifer calf. Latte is a very special calf. She is the grandaughter of the late legendary Brown Swiss cow, Brownie.

Lolly and CoCo Hatcher

Christmas is coming and the Hatcher Family Dairy wanted to select a cow of the month that really reflected the season.  We couldn't decide on one cow, so we selected two.
Number 17

#17 is one of our most beautiful and gentle first calf heifers (that means she is in her first lactation).

Number 4

Number Four is our February Cow of the Month because of her heart shaped white hair on her forehead.

Number 73

Number 73 enjoys being milked.  In fact ,she is often one of the first cows to be milked.

Pearl Hatcher

Pearl is young, beautiful and the envy of many a cow. Her predominantly white color sets her apart from the other Holsteins.