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The Hatcher Family is very proud of our heritage. Since 1831, Five consecutive generations have farmed the land God has assigned to us in College Grove, Tennessee.
We are committed to the core values of faith, quality, cooperation, integrity and stewardship handed down by our forefathers over 175 years ago. These values are a tradition for us and we promote them in our dealings with our customers, our partners and the community.

Dairies in the Southeast have been decreasing in numbers rapidly over the last several years. It has been extremely difficult to make a living in the dairy business due to rising input costs like fuel, fertilizer and feed etc. In addition, we had the pressure of encroaching development. We decided we would try something new and innovative to keep the dairy going and profitable. The idea was to process and pasteurize our own milk. After tremendous community  support, we had our store grand opening June 11th, 2007.

We are a family business. Jim Hatcher is Farm manager and Milkman. Charles Hatcher is Milkman, Delivery Man and helps with the processing. Sharon Hatcher is Store manager. Jennifer Hatcher and Charlie Hatcher are both veterinarians at Rock N Country Veterinarian Services (right on the farm), and fill in where needed as time allows.


 Charley Hatcher

Son of the late Abe Hatcher, is a veterinarian and a fourth generation Hatcher to live on the farm. Charlie works full time for the Tennessee Department of Agriculture and in his spare time can be found working on the farm or at farmer's markets. He is in debt up to his eyeballs, but loves every minute of farm life and farm work!


Jennifer Hatcher

Daughter of Charlie and Sharon Hatcher, veterinarian, married to Chuck Yoest, is another fifth generation Hatcher to live on the farm. Jennifer manages the family veterinary practice - Rock N Country Veteranarian Services - on the farm, and was the first second generation student to graduate from the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine following her father's footsteps. The veterinary practice keeps her very busy but Jennifer watches over all the Hatcher animals including the cattle, horses, sheep, goats, dogs and cats and helps out on the farm whenever possible.


Sharon Hatcher 

Wife of Charlie Hatcher is the store manager, sheep manager, dog caretaker, book keeper and chief bottle washer. Sharon takes care of business.


Chuck Yoest

Husband of Jennifer Hatcher, is employed by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. When Chuck is not working to protect and manage Tennessee's wildlife he may be found selling Hatcher milk and meat at a farmer's market, repairing the fences, cutting trees, mowing grass, gardening, feeding the cattle, hunting or whatever needs to be done on the farm. He is a pretty good son-in-law and looks just like Carl Edwards.


Jim Hatcher 

Brother of Charlie Hatcher, a lifelong farmer, is another fourth generation Hatcher to live on the farm.  He is the Hatcher Family Farm manager, the Abe Hatcher Creamery manager and the reason we have wonderful seasonal grasses for the cows to enjoy.  Jim loves to golf when he has time.


Charles Hatcher 

Son of Charlie and Sharon Hatcher is a 2009 graduate of MTSU with a degree in Ag Business.  He is a fifth generation Hatcher to live on the farm. Charles is the co-manager of the Hatcher Family Dairy, manages the milk delivery routes, and is the most eligible bachelor in Tennessee.

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